Cast Cover for Left & Right Hand| Protects Bandage from Water Exposure during Bath & Shower (Grey)

Cast Cover for Left & Right Hand| Protects Bandage from Water Exposure during Bath & Shower (Grey)

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An ideal aid to protect cast or bandage against water exposure during bath & shower


Vissco hand plaster cover is used to protect casts or bandages against water exposure during bathing / during rains. Cast covers can be used to protect open wounds caused due to Lacerations & burns. Cast protectors are also used to protect the skin in certain Dermatological conditions.


The Vissco Cast Protector support is scientifically designed to protect and increase the service life of the cast. It helps to keep the wound dry. It is reusable and user-friendly.


The hand plaster cover is made from long-lasting and durable material to protect the cast and bandage. The silicone cover completely seals the area and prevents water entry.


Stretch out the silicone hole of the hand plaster cover for limb entry. Carefully insert the cast or bandage part of the limb. Completely cover the cast or bandage. Ensure the silicone hole is properly sealed to the skin.

To understand the process better, kindly refer the video here:

Avoid hard objects sharp tools or nails to scratch the silicone hole that can cause a tear in the silicone covering. Keep away from fire. Be careful when walking on a wet surface with the cast protector, as it can be slippery

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How can I shower with a cast on my arm?

You can use a hand plaster cover to protect your cast from water exposure during showering. Stretch out the silicone hole to make space for you to put in your lim through the entry, carefully insert the cast, and ensure the silicone is properly sealed to the skin to prevent water entry. This will help keep the cast dry during the shower.

How do I protect a cast from water, especially during rainy weather?

Employ a hand plaster cast protector to safeguard your cast from water exposure. The silicone material of the cover creates a seal, preventing water entry. Simply stretch out the silicone hole, insert the cast or bandage part, and make sure the silicone material is properly sealed to the skin. This protective measure is effective during both bathing and rainy conditions.