Ankle Support

All About Ankle Support: A Brief Guide

Ankle injuries are a prevalent concern across all age groups, affecting both the young and elderly. Ankle injuries can result from various factors, such as sports-related mishaps or the onset of arthritis. In such cases, utilising an ankle brace is highly recommended. It effectively alleviates pain stemming from injuries to the ankle joint or sprains with just a few applications, enabling individuals to regain their confidence and resume their normal activities swiftly. 

An ankle brace serves three primary purposes: it aids in injury prevention during sports and rigorous activities, relieves pain in the ankle ligament from accidents or medical conditions, and enhances mobility during walking

Choosing The Right Type Of Ankle Belt For Pain: A Buying Guide

Your healthcare provider will offer guidance on selecting the most suitable ankle brace for your specific condition. Once you have identified the appropriate brace, you can enhance its effectiveness by following helpful tips for optimal ankle support.

Reason For Using Ankle Support

People employ ankle binders for various purposes, varying from alleviating ankle pain and foot discomfort to reducing the risk of sports-related injuries during their daily activities. It's essential to assess your specific needs and make a purchase that aligns with your requirements.

The Time Phase Of Wearing an Ankle Support Strap

The duration you wear your ankle belt for pain is a crucial factor to consider. Suppose your wear time extends beyond an hour or two and covers a significant part of your day. In that case, selecting ankle support crafted from high-quality materials that offer breathability and are gentle on the skin becomes vital. Hence, inspecting the product's material and its stretchability before purchasing is advisable to ensure you receive the optimal level of support and achieve the best results.

Adjust The Fit

Prior to purchasing an ankle brace, it's wise to take note of your correct shoe size to ensure a perfect fit. However, should you find the ankle support uncomfortable due to pain and swelling, you can make size adjustments by loosening or tightening it and testing for the ideal fit. The goal is to strike a balance – the fit shouldn't be overly tight, hindering your ability to walk comfortably. Instead, aim for a product that offers a comfortable wearing experience for better results.


#1 How Long Can Ankle Support Be Worn to Heal the Sprain?

The duration of wearing an ankle belt for pain depends on personal injuries and doctor recommendations. However, doctors usually advise wearing ankle support for almost 12 months after spraining the ankle during activities.

#2 Are Ankle Binders from Vissco Next Affordable?

Vissco Next is a reputed brand providing medical and surgical supplies for those in need. They ensure to offer products of excellent quality and a variety of them depending on the functions and requirements of each individual. All the products under the ankle support category range from ₹272 to ₹6,600 and vary depending on the type of ankle binder you require.

#3 Is it Okay to Sleep with an Ankle Cap to Relieve Pain?

An ankle support is suggested to be worn when you injure or sprain your ankle during an activity or by accident. It is not advisable to wear it to sleep throughout the night. However, consult your doctor in charge and take their advice before using it while sleeping.