Ankle Support

All About Ankle Support: A Brief Guide

Ankle injuries are common in people of all ages, from youngsters to older people. This might be due to injuries from playing sports or due to arthritis. An ankle cap is recommended in such incidents. It helps relieve any pain from ankle injury or sprain within a few uses and gives you the confidence to get back on your feet quickly. The three main situations where an ankle band is used are: to prevent injuries while playing or during rigorous activities, to relieve the pain caused due to any accidents or illness, and lastly, for better mobility while walking.

Choosing The Right Type Of Ankle Belt For Pain: A Buying Guide

Your doctor will guide you on which ankle brace suits your condition best. Once that is understood, you can follow some tips to get the best result through ankle support.

Reason For Using Ankle Support

Each individual uses an ankle binder for various reasons. It could be from relieving foot pain to preventing accidents while playing sports daily. Understand your requirements and buy accordingly.

The Time Phase Of Wearing an Ankle Support Strap

How long you wear your ankle braces is important. If it is not for one or two hours but for a long time during the day, then it is essential to choose ankle support with a good quality material that is breathable and skin-friendly. Therefore always check the material of the product before buying and the stretchability so that you get the right amount of support with the best results.

Adjust The Fit

Before buying an ankle cap, it is better to understand and note your appropriate shoe size for a perfect fit. However, if the ankle binder feels uncomfortable, you can always adjust the size by stretching or tightening it and trying it again for the right fit. It shouldn't be so tight that you cannot walk on it properly, so get a product that makes you feel comfortable when worn for a better experience.


#1 How Long Can Ankle Support Be Worn to Heal the Sprain?

The duration of wearing an ankle belt for Pain depends on personal injuries and doctor recommendations. However, doctors usually advise wearing ankle support for almost 12 months after spraining the ankle during activities.

#2 Are Ankle Binders from Vissco Next Affordable?

Vissco Next is a reputed brand providing medical and surgical supplies for those in need. They ensure to offer products of excellent quality and a variety of them depending on the functions and requirements of each individual. All the products under the ankle support category range from ₹272 to ₹6,600 and vary depending on the type of ankle binder you require.

#3 Is it Okay to Sleep with an Ankle Cap to Relieve Pain?

An ankle support is suggested to be worn when you injure or sprain your ankle during an activity or by accident. It is not advisable to wear it to sleep throughout the night. However, consult your doctor in charge and take their advice before using it while sleeping.