Back Support

Live Life To The Fullest With Pain Relieving Back Support Belts

In our fast-paced, technology-driven lives, experiencing back pain and poor posture is more common than we might realise. Our daily activities often require constant movement, but back pain can be a significant hindrance, slowing us down.

Enter Vissco Next's range of back support solutions, featuring lumbar belts and backrest chairs designed to enhance your convenience and ease of living. Experience the benefits of these high-quality and effective support options by visiting the VisscoNext website today, paving the way for a more flexible and comfortable tomorrow!

Say Yes To New Experiences And No To Back Pain

Back pain belts are typically recommended for individuals with lower back problems, which can vary from person to person. Here's a list of situations where lumbar support can be beneficial:

•Severe lower back pain

•Post-surgery recovery

•Spinal instability

•Compression fractures of the vertebrae

•Poor posture

If you're currently experiencing any of the conditions mentioned above, a back support belt is the ideal solution to improve your comfort and provide immediate relief from persistent pain.

Lumbar Braces: Your New Companion For Pain Relief Days

Lumbar braces offer stability and apply compression to the joints and muscles. When used correctly, these belts can have a remarkable impact. They aid in diminishing inflammation and maintaining proper posture, ultimately contributing to a more stable and supportive posture. Additionally, they facilitate the healing process for your existing injury, helping you recover more healthily and reducing the likelihood of similar issues.

Shop High-Quality Back Support Belts For Instant Effect

With the assistance of lumbar braces, you can now perform your daily activities and move with greater freedom, finding relief from pain associated with various health conditions. Don't wait any longer; acquire top-quality products from Vissco Next today to enhance your overall experience. Embrace each moment of life with seamless and effortless comfort!


1 - Is Using a Back Pain Belt Effective?

Using a back pain belt is effective for the time the doctor has prescribed you to wear for your health condition. It is an excellent way to transition yourself from unhealthy to a healthy condition. Moreover, apart from relieving pain, these are also great for improving your posture.

2 - How to Maintain a Lumbar Support Belt?

As the belt is used directly on your skin, it is important to wash it properly and keep it clean all the time. The belt can be washed using mild soap; do not machine wash, only hand wash. After washing, ensure to use it only after drying it well to prevent rashes and infections on the skin.

3 - Is it Okay to Wear a Lumbar Support Belt While Sleeping?

Even though a back support belt is great and clinically recommended by your doctor, wearing it all day is not advised. Ask your doctor for proper guidance and only use it whenever he suggests using the belt. It is advisable not to use it at night to prevent skin concerns and muscle weaknesses.