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Live Life To The Fullest With Pain Relieving Back Support Belts

With a fast-moving life dependent on technology and other work-life routines, having back pain and a bad posture is more common than you think. Daily chores involve constant movements; however, with back pain, these can get hindered and can slow you down.  Introducing the back support collection from Vissco Next, including lumbar belts and backrest chairs to make your life convenient and effortless. 
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A back pain belt is usually prescribed for people with lower back issues. The conditions can differ from person to person. The following is a list of situations that calls for the aid of lumbar support:
  • Severe pain in the lower back areas
  • Post-surgery state
  • Instability of spine 
  • Compression fracture of vertebra
  • Poor posture
If any of the above conditions is what you are facing at the moment, then a back support belt is the ultimate solution for making you feel better and have immediate relief from continuous pain. 
Lumbar Braces: Your New Companion For Pain Relief Days
Lumbar braces work by providing stability and compression to the joints and muscles. These belts can do wonders when properly used by helping to reduce inflammation and controlling the posture to a firm one. 
In addition, it is a way to heal from the injury you are going through and return to the other side more healthily, preventing such future situations. 
Shop High-Quality Back Support Belts For Instant Effect
Now, you can carry out your daily routines and move freely with the support of lumbar braces to help you feel better from pain due to different health conditions. 
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1 - Is Using a Back Pain Belt Effective?
Using a back pain belt is effective for the time the doctor has prescribed you to wear for your health condition. It is an excellent way to transition yourself from unhealthy to a healthy condition. Moreover, apart from relieving pain, these are also great for improving your posture. 
2 - How to Maintain a Lumbar Support Belt?
As the belt is used directly on your skin, it is important to wash it properly and keep it clean all the time. The belt can be washed using mild soap; do not machine wash, only hand wash. After washing, ensure to use it only after drying it well to prevent rashes and infections on the skin. 
3 - Is it Okay to Wear a Lumbar Support Belt While Sleeping?
Even though a back support belt is great and clinically recommended by your doctor, wearing it all day is not advised. Ask your doctor for proper guidance and only use it whenever he suggests using the belt. It is advisable not to use it at night to prevent skin concerns and muscle weaknesses.