Knee Support

 Everything You Need To Know About Knee Cap

Knee Caps and Braces help manage knee-related injuries and conditions. People also prefer wearing knee support while engaging in sports activities. The knee consists of the Patella, a small bone in front of the knee joint. This joint connects the
muscles of the thigh and the shinbone. 

Knee Cap Support is made from different materials depending on the type of requirement.
Knee caps with Gel padding / Aluminium Hinges, Knee caps made of Elastane, Polyamide, are the most effective materials. Knee Caps provide compression and warmth around the knee, improve blood flow, and accelerate healing. 

Physiotherapists and doctors generally recommend Knee support for people of all ages, including elders with joint aches, sports players and people with minor ligament issues.

Knee Cap Support, Its Functions, and Its Uses

Knee Cap Support comes with different functions and uses. 


After surgery, the knee requires additional support. Functional Knee Caps provide protection and stability to the knee after an injury or surgery.


Rehabilitative Knee Support is used post-injury or post-surgery immediately. This support allows limited mobility yet restricts the muscles and joints from too much movement, causing further pain and damage. Doctors recommend wearing Knee Support for a few weeks after the injury or surgery. 


Certain sports require appropriate gear and support while playing. Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Cricket are some sports that can cause major injuries and damage. Therefore, you must play these sports carefully with the proper gear
for minimum injuries. Prophylactic Knee Cap Support is worn while playing such
sports to avoid damaging injuries.


A lot of people have arthritis and similar joint pains. Unloader Knee Support helps in relieving the pain caused due to arthritis and other joint issues. As the name suggests, it unloads the pain from the painful parts of the knee and transfers it to the stronger parts.

Whether Knee Cap Support is necessary or not depends on several factors. Ligament
injury, other exercises and rehabilitation plans like physiotherapy and massages, and the kind of sport you are participating in are some things
doctors also consider while recommending Knee Support.


 #1 What is Vissco Knee Cap Price?  

Vissco is a leading brand in medical and surgical supplies. Vissco has premium-quality
Knee Support at reasonable rates. Knee cap prices differ depending on the function of its use, injuries, or sports gear. 

Knee cap prices also differ based on the type of material used in the Knee Cap Support. The knee cap price range for Vissco starts from ₹280 and goes up to ₹5000,
depending on your requirement. 

 #2 Is a Knee Cap Good for Knee Pain?  

Doctors have different opinions on whether knee caps are good for knee pain. However, studies have shown that Knee Cap Support does help relieve knee pain in certain injuries and conditions. In addition, Knee Caps have helped avoid major injuries while playing sports.

 #3 How Long Should I Wear a Knee Cap?

Depending on the type of injury, doctors usually recommend wearing Knee Cap Support
anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.