Knee Support

Everything You Need To Know About Knee Cap

Knee caps and braces are crucial in managing knee-related injuries and conditions. They are often preferred by individuals who engage in sports activities. The knee joint includes the patella, a small front bone connecting the thigh muscles to the shinbone. Knee support products are crafted from various materials to suit different requirements, with knee caps featuring gel padding, aluminium hinges, and knee caps made of elastane and polyamide being among the most effective options. Knee caps offer compression and warmth to the knee area, promoting improved blood circulation and expediting healing. These support products come highly recommended by physiotherapists and doctors for individuals of all ages, including seniors dealing with joint discomfort, athletes, and those with minor ligament issues.

Knee Cap Support, Its Functions, and Its Uses


Following surgery, the knee often demands extra support. Functional knee support plays a vital role in delivering both protection and stability to the knee post-injury or surgical procedures.


Rehabilitative knee support is employed immediately after an injury or surgery. It facilitates controlled mobility while preventing excessive movement of the muscles and joints, which could lead to additional pain and damage. Medical professionals typically advise the use of knee support for several weeks following an injury or surgical procedure.


Certain sports necessitate the use of suitable gear and support during play. Sports like football, baseball, basketball, and cricket are known for their potential to cause significant injuries and harm. Therefore, it is essential to engage in these sports cautiously, utilizing the appropriate gear to minimize the risk of injuries. Prophylactic knee support is a valuable addition for players participating in such sports, helping to prevent potential injuries.


Many individuals grapple with arthritis and various joint discomforts. Unloader knee support plays a pivotal role in alleviating the pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems. True to its name, it effectively unloads the pain from the afflicted areas of the knee and redistributes it to the stronger regions. The necessity of knee support is contingent upon various factors. Doctors consider aspects such as ligament injuries, physical therapy, exercise regimens, and the specific sport in which an individual participates when recommending knee support.


#1 What is the Vissco Knee Cap Price?

Vissco is a leading brand in medical and surgical supplies. Vissco has premium-quality Knee Support at reasonable rates. Knee support prices differ depending on the function of its use, injuries, or sports gear. Knee cap prices also differ based on the type of material used in the Knee Cap Support. The knee support price range for Vissco starts from ₹280 and goes up to ₹5000, depending on your requirements.

#2 Is a Knee Cap Good for Knee Pain?

Doctors have different opinions on whether knee caps are good for knee pain. However, studies have shown that Knee Cap Support does help relieve knee pain in certain injuries and conditions. In addition, Knee Caps have helped avoid major injuries while playing sports.

#3 How Long Should I Wear a Knee Cap?

Depending on the type of injury, doctors usually recommend wearing Knee Cap Support anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.