Exercise Aids

Beyond The Exercise Mat: VisscoNext Exercise Aids

Exercise aids play a crucial role in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and overall fitness. VisscoNext offers a range of top-quality exercise aids designed to amplify your workout experience and promote a healthy lifestyle. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into key products such as the hip cycle, weight cuff, tonomatic exerciser, flexi rubber balls and more.

The Weight Cuff: Strengthening Muscles and Joints

Ideal for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and gym workouts, the weight cuff is designed to strengthen muscles and joints, enhance endurance, and improve balance. Whether used on the wrists for upper body exercises or on the ankles for lower body exercises, this skin-friendly fabric cuff offers a comfortable feel. With easy adjustment through reverse buckle locking and hook-and-loop closure, weight cuffs are available in various levels, ranging from ½ kg to 5 kg.

The Hip Cycle: Targeted Muscle Strengthening

The hip cycle from VisscoNext is a game-changer for strengthening hip, knee, and core muscles. This exercise aid is perfect for physical fitness, body toning, and cardiovascular activation. It aids in weight reduction by burning fat, helps tone the hips through muscle growth, and can be used in a recumbent or sitting position. Pedalling not only trims inches off your body but also engages the hamstrings and quadriceps for effective toning.

The Flexi Rubber Ball: Hand and Finger Strengthening

Versatility is the key with the flexi rubber ball, serving multiple purposes such as hand and finger strengthening, physical therapy rehabilitation, dexterity and mobility training, and stress relief. Crafted from long-lasting and durable gel material, the flexi ball is available in three resistance levels—Hard, Medium, and Soft. Don’t even need to spread out an exercise mat for this one!

The Tonomatic Exerciser: Compact and Portable

Designed for strengthening hip and knee muscles, the tonomatic exerciser is a compact and portable solution for physical fitness and body toning. With a focus on cardiovascular activation and weight reduction, this exerciser can be used in a lying position as you lie on an exercise mat. The pulley system, attached to any hook or doorknob, allows a variety of exercises that target unwanted flabbiness in the calves, thighs, and hips.


#1 Are weight cuff exercises suitable for rehabilitation purposes?

Absolutely. Weight cuff exercises are commonly used in rehabilitation programs to strengthen specific muscles and joints. However, it's crucial to follow professional guidance when it comes to weight cuff exercises and start with lighter weights, gradually progressing as your rehabilitation progresses.

#2 Are Exercise Aids Beneficial for Relieving Pain?

Yes, exercise aids like resistance bands, weight cuffs, and hip cycles have been proven to be beneficial in relieving pain and stiffness. These aids are often recommended for physical therapy and rehabilitation to enhance muscle strength and joint flexibility.

#3 How Long Should I Use the Tonomatic Exerciser for Effective Results?

The duration of use depends on individual fitness goals and specific requirements. However, regular use of the tonomatic exerciser, combined with a consistent exercise routine, can lead to noticeable results in muscle toning and firming over time.

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