Everything You Need To Know About Elbow Crutches

Elbow crutches, or elbow sticks, are mobility aids designed to assist individuals with lower limb injuries or disabilities in walking and maintaining balance. They provide: Support and stability. Redistributing weight from the legs to the upper body. Specifically the arms and forearms. Let us look closer at the Vissco elbow crutches' features, benefits, and how to use elbow crutches.

Elbow Crutches: Features and Design

Vissco elbow crutches are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing comfort and durability. Elbow sticks typically consist of three main components: the hand grip, the forearm cuff, and the adjustable shaft. The hand grip is where the user holds onto the crutch, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The forearm cuff is placed around the forearm, just below the elbow, and provides support and stability. Vissco elbow crutches also feature height-adjustable shafts, allowing users to customise them to their needs.

Benefits and Uses of Elbow Sticks

Elbow sticks offer numerous benefits for individuals with mobility impairments. Some of the key benefits include: Support and Stability: Elbow crutches support individuals with leg injuries or disabilities, allowing them balanced mobility while walking or standing. Weight Distribution: By transferring weight from the legs to the upper body, elbow sticks help alleviate pressure on the lower limbs, reducing pain and discomfort. Rehabilitation Aid: Elbow sticks are commonly used during the rehabilitation process after fractures, surgeries, or other lower limb injuries. They help users gradually regain strength and mobility while protecting the affected limb.

How to Use Elbow Crutches

Using elbow sticks correctly ensures optimal support and prevents further injury. Here are the steps to follow when using elbow crutches: Adjust the Height: Set the crutches' height so that the hand grips are level with your wrists when your arms are relaxed at your sides. This positioning allows for proper weight distribution and reduces strain on the shoulders and wrists. Proper Hand Placement: Hold the hand grips firmly, ensuring your palms are centred on the grips. Avoid gripping the cuffs or resting your weight on your forearms. Maintain Correct Posture: Stand upright with your shoulders relaxed. Keep your elbows slightly bent, allowing for flexibility and shock absorption.


#1 What is the Price of Vissco Elbow Crutches?

Vissco offers a range of elbow sticks at different price points to cater to various requirements. The price of Vissco elbow crutches typically starts from ₹800 and can go up to ₹2,500; depending on the specific model and features.

#2 Do I Need A Doctor To Recommend Elbow Crutches?

Please consult a physical therapist or specialised doctor for personalised guidance on whether you need them, the duration you need them, how to use elbow crutches, and the appropriate transition to walking without assistance.

#3 How Long Should I Use Elbow Crutches?

Depending on the extent of the injury or recovery process, elbow crutches can range from a few days to several weeks.