Top 5 Tips To Avoid Neck Pain At Work

Top 5 Tips To Avoid Neck Pain At Work

Are you suffering from neck pain at work? Faulty sitting postures at office desks often give rise to neck pain. Some days they are light, while other days get worse. However, if neck pain at work persists for long and becomes chronic, you need to take a few measures immediately. The following is a quick guide about neck pain and ways to avoid it.

What causes neck pain at work?

Stiffness and pain in the neck are very common these days. They arise from poor sitting postures at work and prolonged working hours without sufficient movement.

Neck pain occurs from the strain on our neck muscles. When we lean or hunch over our computer, our neck muscles strain. If this strain persists over a while, we start developing chronic neck pain.


5 tips to avoid neck pain at work

Here are a few tips to avoid chronic pain in the neck. They are:

1. Keep the computer screen at your eye level:

Working on a computer or a laptop is an essential part of our work lives today. The ideal height of the screen needs to be at eye level to avoid strain on the neck and back. However, we don’t always pay attention to the ergonomics which, with time, exposes us to neck problems.

Hence, while working on a computer, we must ensure that the centre of the computer screen matches our eye level. Do not bend your neck while working on the computer. Adjust the incline of your chair and computer to avoid pain in the neck.

2. Maintain good neck posture while texting:

Texting while working is common these days. We tend to bend our necks while texting. It leads to strained neck muscles.

Try to avoid this faulty posture. Keep your mobile right at the level of your eye. It keeps you from neck pain.

3. Avoid neck strain while typing:

We must maintain perfect posture while typing at work. It protects us from neck pain. Use the armrests of your chair to support your elbows.

Align the arms against the armrest. It helps to relax your neck and shoulders while typing.

4. Maintain a good sitting posture:

Poor sitting posture at work often gives rise to pain in the neck. Neck pain at work is caused when we fail to keep our back straight while working. When we hunch over our desk, it disrupts the alignment of our spine. As a result, we suffer from neck pain at work.

While working, try to keep your back straight. Align it along the back rest of your chair. Keep your head and neck in a line to avoid any neck strain.

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5. Take a break to stretch your neck:

It is hard to take out time from work. However, stretching your neck after regular intervals improves blood circulation in the muscles. It avoids any strain on the neck muscles. Hence, it keeps you free from neck pain while working.

Also, try to stay hydrated while working. It provides improved blood circulation in the entire body. Drinking enough water is also good for the vertebrae in the neck. Hence, the chance of developing neck pain reduces.

Neck pain at work can be irritating and painful if it becomes chronic. Intense neck pain often distracts you while working, which may alter your productivity. Hence, take care of your neck to work well. Avoid faulty neck postures and get rid of pain in no time.

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