Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of work-from-home jobs has been on the rise. Though working from home has many advantages, it has led to a sedentary life. People have become less fresh and active.

With more workplaces offering the option of working from home, employees need to find ways to remain fresh and active. The most definite way of staying healthy for professionals working from home is exercising daily to stay fit. Full time remote workers must also be careful about maintaining a healthy work-life balance for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Is working from home making you less active?

Working from home encourages us to be physically inactive. Full time remote workers lack body movement.

For most of the day, people are stuck behind their desks at the home office. They tend to sit for long hours without getting up which makes your life sedentary. You suffer from sore muscles often.

Working from home often gives rise to several physical and mental health issues. Here are a few risk factors of a poor work life balance.

  1. Obesity
  2. Hypertension
  3. Diabetes
  4. Pain in knee joints
  5. Fatigue and memory loss
  6. Anxiety and depression

6 vital exercises to keep employees active while working from home:

Here are 6 easy steps to keep you fresh and active at remote work. It helps you to have a healthy work-life balance.

1. Stretching at Desk:

Try not to sit for long while working from home. This gives rise to muscle pain. Try to move every hour.

Do not forget to stretch your arms, neck, fingers and legs. Stretching helps you to avoid sore muscles that arise from sitting for long hours in the home office.

2. Spot jogging before you start your day:

Work-from-home jobs encourage us to be at home all day. Even in such a set-up, one can easily find time for jogging. This cures sore muscles.

Try to boost up with 20 minutes of intense cardio. Stand in one place and start to jog at a medium pace. This keeps you fresh all day long.

3. Do planks while working from home:

Working all day on your laptop at home may cause back pain. Doing planks helps you improve your core and get rid of muscle pain. This also boosts up your spirit and keeps you focused.

Try lying down on a mat in a push-up position and hold for 10 sec. Use this technique while on calls and meetings to feel refreshed and active.

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4. Yoga for Relaxing:

Yoga can be helpful to relax your mind as well as your body. It is not difficult to do some yoga if you are working from home.

Avoid sitting all day and working. Get a mat and try some basic postures to revive your mind and body.

5. Revive yourself with squats:

Squats are good for strengthening the muscles of your entire body. Sitting for long hours tends to weaken our muscles with time. We often suffer from sore muscles due to this.

Get a mat and try to do 5-10 minutes of squats after work. It helps you to stay strong and active even after a hectic day.

6. Walking while Talking:

Try to walk and talk while on phone calls and meetings. This method keeps you more active and focused.

This helps you to stay fresh which leads to increased productivity at work. It balances your time at work.

Remote working can lead to a lot of sitting and sedentary patterns. While it is an occupational hazard of working from home, we can try and incorporate some easy exercises and stretches throughout the day as time permits to keep the body moving and getting in as much exercise as possible. This will not only keep the mind refreshed and give you an opportunity to take a break from work, it will also ensure your health is on track and not sidelined.

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10 Ways To Stay Active While Working From Home
Exercises to Keep Employees Active While Working From Home