Do you suffer from back pain after sitting for long? Is it chronic pain? If so, you must take steps to cure it.

Back pain usually arises from prolonged sitting or lying. A person suffering from back pain finds it very hard to move or lie down. However, if the pain gets stronger and makes it impossible to move, you must consult a doctor immediately.

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Top 5 questions on back pain from prolonged sitting:

Here are a few popular questions on back pain that people look up mostly.

1. What is causing it?

Back pain occurs after sitting for long hours. You may find it hard to get up from your sofa or bed if you are suffering from back pain. Though it is painful, back pain does not occur due to any underlying health condition. In most cases, it arises from poor sitting postures.

Prolonged sitting tends to harm back muscles. If we do not move for long, the back muscles become stiff due to poor blood circulation. As a result, we experience sharp and intense pain in our upper and lower backs.

2. Should I use a Heating Bag or Ice for relief?

One of the most searched items on back pain is its relief method.

Both heat and ice are helpful when it comes to treating back pain.

While heat ensures muscle stretching, ice helps to reduce muscle swelling.

Experts suggest applying ice during the initial phase of the pain. Wrap a few ice cubes in a towel and apply them to the affected area.

Use electric heating bags to reduce swelling of the back muscles. It effectively reduces stiffness and pain.

3. How to lie down while having back pain?

Failing to sleep in the right posture can lead to pain in the back. To prevent it, try to avoid sleeping on your back as it puts extra pressure on your spine. Take a side pillow and lie on your side.
If you want to sleep upright, use a pillow under your legs to keep your spine aligned.

4. What are the treatments for back pain?

Physiotherapy is known to be one of the most effective ways in treating back pain. It is known to increase and strengthen muscle flexibility thereby reducing the pain. However, if you are in severe pain, it’s best to consult a doctor who can suggest treatment ways and medication such as muscle relaxants based on the severity and reason for your pain.

5. How can I get rid of back pain?

The best way to prevent and treat back pain is by incorporating exercises in your day to day routine. Prolonged sitting stiffens our back muscles and exercising regularly can help relieve stiffness and pain. Crunches are a great way to increase flexibility in the back muscles.

Lie straight on a mat with your knees bent. Keep the feet on the floor. Now bring your knees up to your chest and hold your breath. Try to hold this posture for 30 seconds and repeat for 15 minutes.

Additionally, you can also do simple stretches such as shoulder shrugs, child’s pose, cow and cat pose etc to relieve tension and stiffness. If you work at the desk for longer hours, make it a point to get up every two hours and take a walk around the room to avoid sitting in the same position for prolonged periods.

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Back pain can be irritating and uncomfortable if it becomes chronic as it often prevents you from moving around freely.

It can also affect your mental health. Hence, take good care of your back to live well. Avoid faulty sitting postures and get rid of back pain in no time.

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