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To understand how swimming can help one with knee and back pain. Let’s take a quick look at its benefits. Read Now!

We tend to go swimming to beat the summer heat, but there are many more benefits to swimming than just cooling off! Regardless of your age, weight, or physical condition, it is one of the best low-impact activities when done correctly. It is a great form of exercise for back and knee pain.

Unlike other types of cardio exercise that can strain the body, swimming burns calories and builds muscle, but it also refreshes you.

In the long run, it makes your back healthier, reduces knee pain, improves your stamina, increases your vessel fitness, builds muscles, improves coordination, and makes you more flexible.

Let's understand how swimming impacts patients with back pain and knee pain.

Reasons why swimming is the best variety of exercise to manage back pain?

  • Swimming is one of the few orthopaedic exercises that affect your overall health without focusing on one particular muscle group.
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles around your spine, which paves the way for a healthier and stronger back.
  • Water supports 90% of the body's weight when swimming; it puts no significant pressure on joints and can be an effective exercise to combat and stop arthritis.
Best Strokes for Back Pain

It's important to select strokes that will protect your back and prevent back pain when swimming, so be sure to pick strokes that will prevent back pain.

  • Freestyle and backstroke are the safest strokes for individuals with back pain.
  • A center snorkel can also be used to avoid lifting the head, which would cause the back to arch.

How can swimming help knee pain?

To begin with, if you're experiencing persistent pain or swelling in your knee, especially if it's preventing you from getting about your daily activities, you should speak to your doctor.

Besides diagnosing you, they can tell you if and when to start exercising.

Swimming is probably one of the best things you can do for your knees if your doctor recommends exercising to rehabilitate and strengthen them.

When you swim, the buoyancy of water frames your body weight, which means much less pressure is positioned on your joints, which may lessen the ache you sense.

However, water does not offer as much resistance as air, so when you pass through the water, your muscles work harder than they feel. Several people find swimming a great way to work out vigorously without harming themselves.

  • Regular swimming helps strengthen the muscles around your knees, strengthening the joint's support, and it can relieve and reduce the chance of pain in future.
  • Swimming is also a great cardiovascular exercise; it can help you stay fit, burn calories and lose weight. Losing weight helps to reduce knee pain.
  • Reduces muscle stiffness and eases pain by stimulating blood circulation
  • It can help your joints become more flexible.

The water-based exercise you can try for knee pain


Hydrotherapy is physical therapy that you do in a warm-water pool. The water supports you; therefore, the temperature will facilitate your muscles to relax.

Water walking

Water walking is like regular walking, and however, you are doing it in a very swimming pool. Like swimming, the water takes several strains off your knees, minimizing your pain.

It offers advantages equivalent to increased flexibility and improved strength and is commonly accustomed to ease individuals into exercise.

Now you know why swimming is the best sport and aid for back and knee pain.

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