Living with a disability can be tough. So can watching a loved one trying to navigate life with it. It can be physically and mentally taxing to navigate life for people with disabilities and can often leave one feeling frustrated. However, it is important to remind yourself or your loved one that disability should not translate to incapability.

Even though it may seem tough and frustrating, one can live a healthy and full life. By keeping a positive outlook, looking forward, and making some lifestyle edits, people with disabilities can continue living an enriched life. At the same time, some of these changes can include learning to do activities with limited mobility, getting used to supporting mobility aids, charting an exercise routine etc. Here are a few ways one can make adjusting to living with a disability easy.

1. Home Changes :

One of the most important changes in living with a disability is to make your home more accommodative for your or your loved one’s disability. You can do this by either making simple changes like moving around furniture to create more space and reduce hurdles or changing storage levels.

You could also opt for more complex changes like creating wider doorways for wheelchair assistance, re-doing bathroom spaces to make them disable friendly and installing bars and rails wherever possible. This will make it convenient for disabled people to feel more independent in their daily chores.


2. Exercise :

Engaging in a workout routine is important to keep the body from getting stiff. While sitting down and not moving can feel comfortable and soothing, it’s best if one engages in activities like stretches, weight training or flexibility exercises. If you use a wheelchair, you can also engage in low-impact chair exercises.

A designated workout routine will ensure you incorporate some movement and exercise. It will also make you feel better and alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Regular exercise promotes better sleep, Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles, Aid in weight management and being physically fit will make you feel healthier and Improve Your Ability to do Daily Activities and Prevent Falls.

3. Choosing the Right Aids :

One of the most crucial ways of easing living a life with a disability is to choose the right support aids. The appropriate mobility and support aids can do a wonderful job in recovery. Each type of aid has several options, from manual wheelchairs to power wheelchairs and walkers to crutches and canes. You can pick the aid most suitable for you according to your requirements.


4. Mental Health :

Mental health is the one thing that can be very easy to neglect and put on the backburner. But it is the most important aspect to focus on. An essential part of recovery and readjusting to life with a disability is giving yourself the space to feel all the feelings and emotions, learn to accept the situation, and then work to live with it.

Talking to a psychologist or therapist helps. You could also join support groups and group therapy sessions. This will make you feel like you’re a part of a community and eliminates feelings of loneliness.

5. Find Creative Activities :

It’s possible that after an accident or a diagnosis, you may not be able to engage in activities you previously enjoyed or activities you see others enjoy. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and dejection.

You will feel empowered by finding other activities you can do without your disability being a barrier. It will also provide you with an outlet for your creativity, stress and feelings of anxiety. Several differently-abled people are known for engaging in art and music as forms of therapy as well. You can also join sports groups where sports have been modified to be played by those with a disability, such as wheelchair basketball, table tennis, volleyball etc.

Disability doesn’t have to mean the end or a hurdle. It can be a demanding change sure, but if one maintains a positive outlook and works towards living the best life possible, nothing can stop them. One can win over disability by making the best use of available advanced mobility aids, support activities, groups, therapy and live a healthy and happy life.


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