The passion for the game is often a much stronger force than nursing a sports injury to many dedicated athletes. At Vissco, we understand this! If you’re a dedicated young athlete, an enthusiastic marathoner or someone who enjoys working out at the gym regularly and suffers from any injury, getting involved in sports is undoubtedly hard – but quitting is out of the question. The Vissco 3D Sports Knee Cap is a game-changing method created to ensure that you get the support and confidence needed to stay in the game, even when faced with a sports injury behind the kneecap.

1. Conquer Your Limits

Building up a successful career in sports is not always an easy process, free of injuries. But the Vissco 3D Knee Cap is here to give you strength and courage to conquer your limits. If you have a knee sprain, strain or even arthritis, then this cap will be an invaluable partner. It minimises pain and gives warmth, compression and support so you can power through your workouts or game with diminished pain while having increased confidence.

2. Sports-Focused Design

This knee protector doesn’t only address and prevent potential injuries; it can also enhance sports performance. This knee protector is designed using a unique 3D Jacquard knitting technology that enhances its shape to fit the anatomic movements of your knees while participating in sports activities. The ‘sporty’ design and anti-slip technology prevent the knee cap from sliding out of place even with vigorous activity, letting you focus only on the game itself.

3. Comfort that Empowers

When playing sports with an injury, comfort should not be compromised. The Vissco 3D Knee Cap is made out of soft, breathable material, so your comfort comes first. 3D design and 4-way stretch also allow better comfort as a knee protector, providing good compression and grip with no compromise on the range of motion. The Vissco Knee Brace is the bridge between support and freedom, allowing you to play without constraints.

4. Long-Lasting Durability

When it comes to loving your sports, one of the most important things you need is gear that will keep up with your passion. That is why the Vissco Knee Brace for Support consists of a high-quality non-latex double-covered spandex and composite yarn blend. Not only does this extend longevity, but it also makes the Vissco Knee Brace bacterial and fungal-resistant, which is vital in maintaining cleanliness – especially when one is dealing with a sports injury while active.

5. Choose Your Comfort

It is vital to choose the appropriate size for achieving optimal benefits from the Vissco 3D Knee Cap. Our user-friendly system will show you how to measure your thigh circumference six inches above the knee and pick a size that provides optimum pressure but at an acceptable level of comfort. If you are still confused, be sure to check out the video guide for more details. Whether you prefer less compression because you want more of a lighter feel or more for better support, it’s your call.

6. Wearing Made Simple

The Vissco 3D Sports Knee Cap is designed with your convenience in mind. The straightforward guide ensures a hassle-free wearing experience. Pull the knee cap over your knee with the broad end facing upwards, just like pulling on a pair of socks. Ensure the soft patella area covers your knee, and voilà – you're ready to play with the confidence that comes from reliable support.


For the athletes who refuse to let injuries sideline their passion, the Vissco 3D Knee sports is your ticket to playing sports with confidence. Enjoy the backing, and savour the relief from discomfort and inconvenience that comes with this ingenious knee cap. This will be your partner in conquering challenges and achieving your athletic goals, one game at a time. The Vissco 3D Knee Cap will provide you with the ability to play how you want, even when dealing with sports injuries.