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The Right Aids to Prevent Back Pain

The Right Aids to Prevent Back Pain
Backrest, lumber belt, orthopaedic back support Like a large section of the working population, if you too are tormented by chronic back pain, take heart. With the help of aids such as lumbar belts and backrests, you can protect your back and keep injuries at bay. Let’s take you through some of the most important aids to prevent back pain: 
Functions of a lumbar belt A lumbar belt provides adequate support to help reduce the pressure on your discs and also prevents any unnecessary movement of the spine. Here’s a look at the functions of a lumbar belt:
  • -Corrects posture: Wearing a back support belt corrects your posture by maintaining the natural curve of your spine. Reduces load on muscles: By constraining the action of your back’s suspensory ligaments, support belts also reduce the load on back muscles. Improves blood circulation: The mild compression provided by lumbar belts helps in minimizing inflammation and improving blood circulation.
How to choose the right lumbar belt Look out for the following features while picking a lumbar belt:
  • -Size: In order to know the size of your lumbar belt, measure the circumference of your waist at the level of the navel. 5 cm above the hips. Also, ensure that the belt comfortably covers your lower back and tailbone.
  • -Perfect fitting: Check the belt for comfort and fit ensuring that it supports the entire back and not just its lower portion.
  • -Check for elasticity: Ensure that the straps of the belt are made of soft and high-quality elastic.
Why choose a Vissco Lumbar Belt A leader in providing the best aids to protect and heal your back, Vissco has scientifically designed a wide range of back supports. Our products feature padding at the lower back region to ensure that you don’t feel troubled by the sensation of pressure. Vissco lumbar belts come with elastic bands that can be tightened to increase support to the lumbar spine. We use the best material for our support to make them comfortable to wear all day. 
Functions of a backrest Long hours of desk work results in the natural tendency to slouch forward, straining the muscles and ligaments in the lower back. A good backrest can correct this situation by performing the following functions:
  • -Corrects posture: A lumbar back support corrects your posture by filling the distance between your spine and the seat and supporting the inward arc of your lower back.
  • -Provides comfort at work and on the move: To derive maximum benefit of the backrest attached to your office chair, ensure that it is 12 to 19 inches wide. If your job requires you to spend long hours behind the steering wheel, you should consider using a lumbar support for car use.
Whether you are planning to invest in a lumbar belt or backrest, it’s better to test the product before buying it. Try to sit and move around with the support of your choice for a minimum of 15 minutes to test its comfort. It may take you a few days to adjust to a belt or backrest but once you do, you will experience a distinct improvement in your back’s condition.