Preventing Back Pain: Strategies for a Pain Free Life

Preventing Back Pain: Strategies for a Pain Free Life

Do you suffer from bouts of backache? It’s no surprise – According to research, up to 80% of the global population experiences back pain at some point in their lives. This disability ranks 4th in India whether you work at home or outside.

Reason – Your sedentary life style (blunt trauma, long working hours or degenerative changes) leading to pain, irritation and discomfort which hinders your daily activities- Back pain can hold you back both professionally and personally!

As per survey in India, around 45% of patients wait seven weeks before seeking assistance which turns the pain extreme

So what are you waiting for – Get better with rehabilitation and long-term care

Here’s how:

• Sit up straight and don’t forget to take small breaks

• Do not sit on a chair for over 9 hours – Take small breaks after every 30 mins. Exercise your back and give your mind a break too

• Maintain a good posture. Sit upright-this allows your bones, ligaments, muscles and joints to align themselves, eliminate the extra strain and provide the additional support required to maintain its natural curve

Stretch, Flex, Relieve, Repeat

• Back pain can also cause psychological impact one’s individual confidence and self-esteem leading to mood swings

• Physical exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi can stimulate your back muscles and help alleviate pressure which can be initiated after consultation with an expert

Avoid Lifting heavy Weights

A few chores are physically demanding and doing some heavy lifting is inevitable. However, avoid this whenever possible to prevent damage to the structure of the spine that could lead to disc degeneration

Try Natural Therapies

Studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis are contributing factors to the weakening of the back bones. Apart from visiting a physician, you can turn to any of the natural remedies

• Applying warm medicated oils to the affected area and stretch your back muscles while in a warm shower

• Place a hot water bag on your back while sipping on a herbal decoction

• Eating green leafy vegetables

Be it a simple injury, a recurring back problem, or lumbar, these therapies brings relief

Be open to using a brace to give your back ample support

Research suggests that, if treated in time, 90% of back-related issues can be resolved non-surgically through spine rehabilitation

Vissco’s Orthopaedic Back Braces, for which we have carried out an extensive YouTube promotion with The Marketing Heaven, can help you achieve this by providing the required support for the injured region. Whether it’s for your upper back pain, a sprain, or a fracture, we have got your back with our wide range of braces

Consult your doctor and strap on the right back pain reliever. These solutions have been carefully designed to offer complete support and fast-track your recovery while you continue to go about your daily life.

Try it out now …

With excellent stabilization comes great relief. It’s time you have your own back and keep the pain at bay!