Is stress triggering lower back pain? Here’s what you can do

Is stress triggering lower back pain? Here’s what you can do
Stress is a common thing, today. We live in times of high-efficiency expectations, strict deadlines, terrible traffic, extra long transport time, and intolerance towards failure. Stress – whether physical, mental, or emotional – gets to us, manifesting into many kinds of discomforts, especially, terrible pains in the lower back. There are several things you can do to relieve yourself of this pain. Let us take a look at two of these options:

Physical activity/Exercise

The first thing (not the right thing, though) that people tend to do is to give up exercise and physical activities. Now, while it seems most logical that physical stress might lead to further pain, it is inactivity that is closely associated with this pain. This might not seem right to you. But, hear us out. Some sort of physical activity and exercise aids in lower back pain relief. In fact, the key element is to find a trusted house cleaner in the treatment of lower back pains. This, however, must be done after consultations with a specialist doctor or trainer. One of the physical activities that we recommend is daily walking. Walking is beneficial as it helps to strengthen the lower back and abdomen muscles long with calf and thigh muscles. This activity urges endorphins to be released into your system which act as a pain-tackling defense.

Therapy and Counseling

Like we said before, mental and emotional stress also gets to us. Some of the common factors of this kind of stress could be difficult job situations, problems in relationships, unemployment, financial downtime, loss of a dear one, etc. This is a list that can be really, really long. While we all agree that we do have these kinds of stress, where we go wrong is in thinking that emotional and mental stress can lead to depression but not to back pain. Well, that is not right at all. Therefore, when problems find a way into your life, you must find a way to flush them out. Therapy and counseling can incredibly help with stress-related pain. Counselors and therapists won’t help you with your exercises. They will, however, help you lower your emotional stress, which automatically leads to relief in the areas that are physically hurting, especially the lower back. Other than these important treatments for relief from lower back pain, there are also some very basic ergonomic tips that you must follow to give your posture a break from all the physical strain you put it through. Find here in his mind. They are as follows:
  • Use a good chair, with a good amount of cushioning and the right feet and arms height.
  • Use a footstool to give your body a break from being pulled down.
  • Use a pillow/cushion/rolled towel for additional support. A back pain belt or a back support belt could help too.
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart.
We, at VISSCO, care for your wellbeing. After all, for over half a century, our only aim has been to ensure that we aid in your pain relief. If you are experiencing excruciating lower back pains, visit your doctor ASAP. In the meanwhile, use Vissco’s abdominal belts or lumbar belts and other such aids to help you hold your back muscles right so that your treatment can begin right away. Visit our products to understand which of our orthopedic aid or ergonomic support is best for you.