Ever had a knee injury take you out of the game? Yeah, we've all been there. Thankfully, this need not be the case anymore! With a hinged knee cap on, you can not only protect your knee but also stay active. And if you were to get Vissco's knee cap? Then you could go easy on your knees and wallets! So, let's have a look at how a hinged knee brace transforms the world of kneecap pain management.

Benefits of Knee Cap

Simply put, a hinged knee cap is a neat little device that offers your injured knee support and protection. And below, we'll tell you how you can put it to good use.

1. Provide the support your joints need

Be it a sports injury or arthritis, a hinged knee cap is the best thing to help you through them all. You can also use it after surgery to move about without further hurting your knee. Besides this, the antimicrobial properties of Vissco's hinged knee brace allow you to keep the area clean and germ-free.

2. Provides Comfort to your Knees

Nothing is more wonderful than the warmth of a well-fitting knee brace. Vissco understands this and brings you a hinged knee cap made from a blend of latex-free lycra and composite yarn. This skin-friendly material provides such a snug fit that you'd find great comfort in its warmth!

3. Enjoy the soothing Compression

The key to a good knee cap is offering optimal compression. This is why Vissco's 2D designed hinged knee cap conforms to your knee's shape, providing you adequate support. Additionally, the hook-and-loop straps on it can be adjusted to get some excellent stability.

Experience Reliable Pain Relief with Vissco

Have you decided to get our hinged knee brace? Wonderful! Now, let's see how you can get the perfect fit.

Choosing the Right-Sized Knee Brace

First, bend your knee slightly and mark off a section of your thigh five inches from your knee's center. Next, measure the circumference of this region.

Once you know your measurements, head onto Vissco's website and check out the size chart for our hinged knee cap. Then, pick a size corresponding to your circumference and enjoy some much-needed relief from knee cap pain!

How to wear the Knee Brace

For best results, it is vital that you wear your hinged knee brace exactly right. But if that's not something you know how to do, we can help!

Let's start off by pulling the knee cap on. While doing this, ensure that the soft patella area stays over the knee and the hinges stay on the sides.

Once it's in place, you can adjust the straps according to your desired level of compression and lock them to keep the knee brace in place.

It's true - the postpartum period is often fraught with feelings of self-consciousness. But worry not, dear friends! With abdominal belts around your waist, you can regain confidence and security quickly.

And voila! You're now free to make the most of its soothing knee support!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Vissco hinged knee cap today, and give your knees the love and care they deserve.