Benefits of Using a Knee Brace

Benefits of Using a Knee Brace

Among the most vital joints of the body, knees aid movement and are also instrumental in bearing the upper body’s weight. While knee damage is common and can be attributed to degenerative conditions, trauma and sports injuries, the right knee support can help you recover from injury and avoid further damage. The importance of a knee brace cannot be overstated and the right choice can help you carry out your day-to-day activities while protecting your knee. 

How a Knee Brace Helps to Reduce Knee Pain

Made from a combination of materials such as elastic, foam, metal and plastic, knee braces provide relief from knee pain in the following ways: 

Corrects alignment: 

Knee braces are scientifically designed to provide re-alignment to the knee joint by lessening pressure on the affected area. They also reduce further pain by preventing further wear and tear of the joint. 

Prevents further injury: 

Knee braces keep the knee in a stable position and keep it from moving sideways. This steady posture provided by the knee brace prevents the knee joint from overexerting and from injury. 

Reduces load on muscles: 

A knee brace can effectively take the load off the affected muscles of the knee joint and facilitate smooth movement. In case of treating a fracture, a brace may also be used to stabilize the knee. 

Provides mild compression: 

Knee braces provide comforting warmth by compressing the tissue surrounding the knee. This function also improves blood circulation and provides support to the injured cartilage and tendons. 

How to choose an ideal knee support

 Knee braces are the right aids to nurse an injury or prevent further injury, so one must be sure of choosing the right product. How you choose a knee brace depends mainly on the type of injury and the level of support needed around the affected area. Bear in mind the following factors before investing in a knee support: 

Size and fitting: 

While trying out a knee brace make sure you feel a compression or tightness around your knee. Make sure you pick the right size and fit that feels comfortable and provides the right support for your condition. In case your knee support feels too tight and is restricting circulation, loosen its straps or go for a bigger brace. 

Scientific design: 

Knee braces are scientifically designed and tested to treat specific conditions and include prophylactic braces, patellofemoral and rehabilitative braces. Visit The function of a prophylactic brace is to protect the knees from injuries that may occur during playing sports such as football. If you are recovering from surgery or nursing an injury, a rehabilitative brace is the right pick. For those suffering from patellofemoral pain syndrome, a patellofemoral brace provides better flexibility and movement to the kneecap. 

Why choose Vissco knee supports 

Vissco knee supports offer numerous solutions to alleviate pain in the knee by distributing even pressure and offloading the knee joint. We choose the best constituent materials for our braces to ensure that they are comfortable to wear while either standing or sitting. Thoughtfully designed and lightweight, our braces provide a snug fit and right compression to the knee joint. Vissco’s wide range of knee braces and supports are your best bet for fast recovery and rehabilitation from a knee injury.