Health is True wealth. A healthy body and mind are the secret to an active and enjoyable life. Yoga can help you feel better inside and out.

You will feel energised throughout the day if you do yoga in the morning. The norms and regulations for practising yoga add to their uniqueness. A high-quality yoga mat is necessary because it makes you feel comfortable and at ease, like how you use floor mats for numerous functions.

In the past ten years, more people than ever have started focussing on yoga and meditation practices. In light of that, you should be aware of the many sorts of yoga mats if you are interested in taking up the practice, and let's explore that now.

Questions People ask when Buying A Yoga Mat:

Which Yoga Mat Is Best, 6mm Or 4mm?

Which Yoga Mat Material Is Best?

The texture, stickiness, sponginess, and environmental friendliness of a mat will depend on its substance. The most common materials for yoga mats are rubber or vinyl, and yoga classes can be held on durable vinyl mats. Jute and cotton are usually added to rubber mats to make them more environmentally friendly but less pliable.

What Kind Of Texture A Yoga Mat Should Have?

The traction of the mat will depend on its texture. During the yoga sessions, a mat with a good grip will prevent you from slipping, given that you sweat in excess. It would be better if the smooth mat could control moisture.

Although everyone has their tastes, not everyone can concur that a particular mat is the greatest to use. The most crucial element is selecting a yoga mat that you are at ease with. Vissco LIV Premium Alignment Yoga Mat has an excellent Sweat Resistant advantage to prevent injuries and perform any Asanas with confidence & stays durable for longer.

It is made of Non-Toxic Pro balance TPE material. The beautiful alignment lines on the top surface help you perform heavy Asanas & Surya Namaskar while keeping your posture in check. The wave texture on the bottom sticks to the ground & the Pro-Grip texture on top gives you that much-needed extra grip!

Types of Yoga Mats

You may buy a variety of yoga mats, but here are some of the noteworthy ones that you shouldn't miss:

Rubber Yoga Mat -


As the name suggests, this kind of yoga mat is unique because it is constructed of rubber. This kind of mat is better for the environment and more eco-friendly. Furthermore, these mats still allow you to maintain a firm hold.

Cotton Yoga mats:


Cotton Yoga Mats are excellent for people who sweat a lot. Due to their more active sweat glands than women, many men practise yoga on cotton mats. However, whoever wants to employ them can do so with success!

These are also made for those who enjoy comfy while practising yoga and are comfortable. In many circumstances, cotton feels far more comfortable than rubber and traditional yoga mats.

Jute Yoga mats:


These are the greenest options available right now. These are manufactured from natural materials and are frequently found throughout Eastern Asia. These are also slightly sticky, which helps you to maintain a firm grip with your hands and feet on the mat.

Alignment Yoga Mats:


The beautiful alignment lines on the top surface helps you perform heavy Asanas & Surya Namaskar all the while keeping your posture in check. The wave texture on the bottom sticks to the ground & the Pro-Grip texture on top gives you that much needed extra grip! The 6mm provides optimum cushioning, balancing and absorbs shock so you can enjoy a safe workout session.

Dual Layer Yoga Mats:

These yoga mats are made with 100% recyclable, non-toxic, long-lasting and eco-friendly Pro balance TPE material. The Pro-Hold texture on top and the wave texture on the bottom help maintain grip. The 6mm offers the best cushioning, balance, and shock absorption to exercise safely.

The Vissco LIV Premium Dual Layer Yoga Mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces, which provides an outstanding sweat-resistant advantage that helps you avoid injuries, do any asana with assurance, and keep it durable for longer.

Having the right yoga mat may make all the difference in your practice, regardless of how experienced or new, you are to yoga. Making the best pick from among the many mats on the market can occasionally be intimidating. While the vast majority of yoga mats are excellent for all types of yoga, being aware of the variations will help you choose a mat that best suits your requirements. All Set to Unroll?

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