Do you find yourself stuck in a sedentary life and don’t know how to be more active? Here is the ultimate guide to combat your sedentary life effectively in no time. Most of us have a sedentary life, which is not unusual these days given our routines, high pressure jobs and work from home schedules.

In other words, we remain physically inactive most of the time. Physical inactivity is very harmful to both our body and mind. So, we must look for ways to combat the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary life and its risk factors:

A sedentary lifestyle is a daily routine of being physically inactive. It is a kind of lifestyle that lacks movement. Many people spend a lot of time sitting down during the day, whether at work or at home. This can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which can be unhealthy.

Sedentary behaviour often gives rise to several physical and mental health issues. A few of the risk factors are :

  1. Obesity
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Diabetes
  4. Pain in knee joints
  5. Spin disc herniation
  6. Anxiety and depression

Ten ways to combat your sedentary lifestyle:

You might want to cut out the physical inactivity but may find it difficult owing to a tight schedule and routine. However, to get your body moving, you could also incorporate some very simple tricks and tips into your daily life. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to get rid of your sedentary life. So, try to follow these physical activity guidelines and see the difference!

1. Do not sit for too long:

It is the simplest step when it comes to raising your activity level. Try to add a few breaks while working for a long time. Get up every two to three hours and take a walk around the room.

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2. Use the stairs:

Though avoiding stairs saves us energy and time, taking the stairs is often good for our bodies. If you don't have time to hit the gym, this is another easy way to add some exercise to your routine. Make it a habit to take the stairs regularly wherever and whenever possible.

3. Love your fitness tracker:

Fitness trackers are great devices to invest in. They track your activity and fitness, remind you to workout, and provide other health information. Invest in a tracker that suits your budget and start your journey of health.

4. Exercise regularly for weight loss:

It is the most important step. Incorporate 30 minutes of regular exercise in your routine and watch the difference. It may be aerobics or simple yoga at home, or even a simple walk. This will help you to reduce your inactivity and will ensure you remain consistent. You can also consider joining the gym if it suits you, which is good for both our body and mind.

5. Do not be physically inactive after meals:

For good digestion and metabolism, do not go to bed immediately after your meals. Take a slow brief walk, read a book or listen to music before you head to bed.

6. Pick up a hobby:

Hobbies are a good way to mix exercise and passions. Choose any hobby that would keep you physically active such as gardening, dancing, cycling etc in your daily routine.

7. Engage in a sport:

Try to indulge in any sports to beat inactivity. Do it every week for 30 minutes anytime in the day. This helps you to remain fresh and active. Since it is something you love, you would not want to skip it.

8. Try to use a standing desk:

Working for long hours can be stressful. On top of that sitting in one chair for long on a regular basis can prove harmful for your body. Try switching to a standing desk, which would help you avoid sitting in a place for too long.

9. Do not oversleep:

When you don’t keep track of your sleep, you often end up oversleeping. If this happens regularly, you could get cramps and muscle pains from lying down too long. Try setting an alarm the night before to get your body used to a certain wake up time.

10. Be aware of your activity level:

Try to be alert if you are physically inactive. Do not indulge in the old habits of your sedentary lifestyle.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, you need to break your sedentary habits. This can be a challenge, but even making small changes can make a big difference. 30 minutes of moderate exercising everyday will help you incorporate movement into your daily routine. Additionally, you will find it easy to remain consistent with it.

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