One out of five middle-aged individuals face chronic pain in their ankles. It is a natural enough condition considering your ankle supports your entire body weight as well as helps you stand and move around.

The ankle is susceptible to inherent depreciation, a wide range of traumas, and other accidents that can result in pain. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the ankle is among the most abused body parts.

Chronic ankle pain causes several bodily dysfunctionalities that are hard to cope with.

A straightforward self-care practice known as the RICE method helps to reduce pain and swelling, soothe discomfort, and hasten healing.

  1. Rest: Avoid using the afflicted body part and guard against further harm.
  2. Ice: Apply an ice pack to relieve pain and swelling for between 10 and 20 minutes at a time.
  3. Compression: Use an elastic bandage to compress the affected region (like an Ace bandage).
  4. Elevation: When you are sitting or lying down, raise the injured area to or above heart level.

An orthopaedic instrument is used to support and protect the ankle; they provide relief from an ankle injury for effective pain management. They help reduce swelling and relieve pain to facilitate a smooth healing process while you go about your daily life.

Symptoms of Chronic Pain in Ankles:

  1. Difficulty while walking and running.
  2. Swelling and dull itchiness around the ankle area.
  3. Chronic stiffness or tenderness of ankle muscles.
  4. Frequent pain on the lateral side of the ankle.
  5. Repeated ankle sprain and ankle joint injuries.

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Ankle Pain

Certain precautions you can take to prevent injuries are listed below:

Put on the Proper Shoes.

Wearing high heels or shoes with hard bottoms is not advised if you've experienced an ankle injury. Always wear high-quality shoes which have cushioning, stability as well as in built support that won't put too much strain on various regions of your legs.

Stretch And Warm Up

Ankle injuries frequently result from inadequate warming up. Relaxing and warming up are essential before beginning a workout or any other demanding endeavour that will put pressure on your ankles.

Regular Exercise

You must perform muscle-strengthening workouts to ensure a solid network of support around the ankle joint.

Observe the Surface

Although it may seem unnecessary to mention, most of us don't give much thought to the terrain we walk on. Uneven surfaces frequently cause ankle twists and other injuries.

Consider using ankle support.

When engaging in any exercise that requires lateral movements, you can keep using ankle braces as a preventative measure.

Ankle Support: What is it?

Injuries to the ankles must be treated, and future ones must be avoided by using ankle supports like binders. They are lightweight support belts with an elastic loop mechanism made of incredibly breathable fabrics.

Ankle Support for Walking and Running:

It is necessary for several situations and can aid injury prevention or recovery. To prevent any more injuries, it is advised to wear ankle supports when you run or stroll.

Wear ankle binders if you want to get rid of ankle sprain and need extra self-assurance to recover swiftly. If you've hurt yourself while running or walking, you shouldn't start running again until the pain is cured. People with chronic pain can relieve pain and reduce swelling resulting from injury by employing the support and compression an ankle binder offers.

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Types of Ankle Support at VisscoNext:

Ankle binders: These are also known as anklets. They are good for providing mild support to injured ankle joints. They are made of light and breathable material and hence allow free movement of the ankle.

Neoprene ankle support: Always wear a neoprene ankle binder for immediate therapeutic relief. It provides the ultimate ankle support with optimum compressive strength to improve blood circulation. It has eight straps that reinforce the ankle muscles by offering mediolateral support.

2D ankle support: It is essential for ankle sprain and chronic pain and helps in pain management and discomfort in the ankle. The knitted pattern of the contoured design is for compression and firm grip.

Vissco Next wishes you a healthy and pain free exercise routine. Wear ankle binders from our extensive collections to stay active.

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